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˙ţTheology likewise seeks renewal jotaro hat by returning but, in the theological realm, it may too late. The return to Jesus for Christians or the rabbinic era for Jews is misplaced. Christians in Germany cannot return to Jesus through Luther, Hitler and Heidegger. Jews cannot move back before the Holocaust or Israel. In a strange way, then, German Christians and Jews are bound together in the present as they have been in the past. Both come after the Holocaust and after Israel  after Israel meaning after what Jews  with German political, material and theological enablement  have done and are doing to the Palestinian people. Obviously the current peace process brokered by the United States and Secretary of State John Kerry, whatever its fit and starts, nowhere addresses the needs of the Palestinian people or Jewish culpability in the creation and expansion of the state of Israel.

And if all is seen as corrupt, even and especially our confession and repentance, if all is hiding and the constant search for shelter from the storms of our history and desires, where is the place of turning? This raises another haunting question: Has my complicity as a ladies hats for weddings Jew inadvertently confirmed the absolute fall that Luther preached so insistently and violently? Shall my end  our end  lead us to Luther, the sinfulness of everything under Luther's Two-Kingdom sun? The Biblical prophets are directly linked to God, though this connection is troubled and troubling. For after God's initial call, the prophet is often left on his own. So, too, the prophet's military hat mission to Israel is fraught. In the main, God already knows that God's call for repentance will largely go unheard.

This is because Constantinian Jews have mixed their material ascent with a fascinating focus on Jewish suffering and morality. However, anyone who observes Jewish post-Holocaust life from a dispassionate distance can see it for what it is  an interconnected web of ascendancy and power. Being on the other side of empire power for so long, who can criticize Jews for deciding that is their turn for power, even if it is at the expense of another people's suffering. After all, Germany has made the same decision after the Holocaust and with help from these very same Constantinian Jews who, in their own self-serving way, limit their critique to the German navy hat past. And if the choice were theirs to make, who among the nations would choose any other route, regardless of the cost?

But what a relief to the parties involved if John Kerry succeeds! Kerry promises Israel, Jews and their friendly enablers, the end of all historical claims against those who caused/sponsored/enabled the original and permanent displacement of the Palestinian people. Yet with all the goodies promised everyone on the victorious side, Israel balks. Israel is unable to accept a final victory which solidifies its place in the international nation-state system, represents a victory guaranteed militarily by the still colonial West and, at the same time, buries the West's post-Holocaust colonial history. Here is what dissenting Jews and Christians  and people of conscience of all faiths and backgrounds  must understand about the proposed solutions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: there will never be  I repeat, never be  a two-state solution where a real Palestinian state emerges.

By a real Palestinian state, I mean a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, all of the West Bank for Palestinians without any Jewish settlers and settlements, and with a protected link to a free Gaza. No political analyst worth his or her grain of salt believes that there will be a real Palestinian state and certainly no one anywhere, including the Palestinian negotiators, believe that this was on the table during the latest rounds of peace negotiations. So what are we left with? Whether through practical reality or utopian aspirations, the positive Israel-Palestine one-state solution is a non-starter for a variety of reasons, including Israel's absolute opposition to such a state, a position that Israel's American-European allies are in full agreement with.

Refusing a real two-state solution, Israel correctly next hats calculates that the American-European commitment to Israel is far more important to its history, politics and empire than Palestinians are or will be. No matter the pressure received, Israel knows the American-European coded language well. In the final analysis, the American-European alliance will not abandon Israel. Importantly, progressive Israelis who have occupied the German liberal sensibility lay blame on Israel's waywardness in the areas Germany knows well from its own history  on right-wing politicians and their followers that have recently come to power in Israel. Thus the Israel-German historical parallel is drawn even if it is unannounced.

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