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Perseus? Hildegard? or...
MessagePosté le: 05 Déc 2017, 07:33    Sujet du message: Registered, not? Can't get in. Tried French site. No luck!

I am just trying to get into multi-play Celtic Village. Help!! On the original "Celtic Village" I decided to try the multi-player version. It was not a Plinga game, so I used a different name/ password than on those. When that failed, I tried a a different name, and different password.

When the new name/ password didn't work, I tried the other (Plinga) that I use. I've been told my username or password is incorrect. That my email is already listed. That I'm registered under different (but no name I've tried is listed!)

Site admin told other player to try French version to get in (link provided). I tried this. Again, failure. Cette adresse e-mail � d�j� �t� inscrite ! That is the error message I get, and/ or ' incorrect username'.

/// If it matters: both Plinga games, and Celtic Village, can be found on girlgames dot com.
What do I have to do to make this work?
Also: in my username/ password attempts, I used NO symbols, NO numbers, and NO spaces.
MessagePosté le: 22 Nov 2011, 10:25    Sujet du message:

j'ai posé la question aussi et je n'ai pas de réponse
MessagePosté le: 21 Nov 2011, 13:43    Sujet du message:

try to register to french version (no activation mail requis) and after play to us version ^^
MessagePosté le: 19 Nov 2011, 02:35    Sujet du message: I cant REGISTER!!!!!!!

Help! i Cant register...I tried but, My email wouldent activate my account and i tried with gmail Same thing...Is it a bug? How can i register to play? Sad Mad Shocked Confused Crying or Very sad Seul sourd Seul

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